Tara, Jason, Kevin and Jeff
Anyone who has really listened to Rusty will have felt some kind of awe. This is a natural reaction to an album with so much raw emotion, one that burns with such intensity. Yet Rusty is not always so imposing. At times it quiets down, slows and smolders like a hot coal, before exploding into another, larger fire. At other times a spoken word becomes a deadly scream, and a guitar plucks harmonics out of the air like falling stars. But all throughout Rusty demands our attention, and draws us into something that is both primal and beautiful, angry and frustrated, but not without a greater hope. The musicians that made this album have gone on to different things, while the album that made them famous continues to channel our rage, our passion, and our salty tears. Rodan was a great band, and this site is intended to celebrate what they achieved. But there is another thing, no less important, that this site plans to do. That is to draw attention to the bands that are still alive; to point out that Jason Noble, Tara Jane ONeil, Kevin Coultas and Jeff Mueller are still making great music today. Bands like Shipping News, Rachel's and the Sonora Pine are still creating music that moves us just like Rusty did. While Rodan's one album is still pretty awe-inspiring, it is not the final word from this Louisville foursome. The music and the feeling linger on.

Rodan was formed in the summer of 1992, released one album in 1993, and disbanded in 1995. May the beast rest in peace.